SPRING FLING 2019 ABA/APA Sanctioned Show

Saturday april 13, 2019 at 9:00 AM

The show will be held in Chilhowee Park. in a covered pavilion near the fair poultry show area- 3301 E. Magnolia Avenue


  • Entries accepted March 1 thru April 7, 2019
  • email entries contact Meghan Atchley
  • Call - in entries contact Eddie Dunlap at 865-742-5525
  • Testing Rules Apply.TN residents pullorum only.There will be a tester on site.
  • Judge - David Johnston
  • Entry fee $3.00 per bird
  • Cleanup fee - $2.00
  • Birds must be caged by 9:00 AM
  • Special meets - Cochin special meet.
  • Junior production breed class
  • 4H fundraiser - Hot dog stand
  • Awards for Open and Junior Show - Champion and Reserve of the Show, Champion and Reserve Large Fowl, Champion and Reserve Bantam,Champion and Reserve Turkey, Champion and Reserve Waterfowl, Class Champions. Production Champion and Reserve Juniors Only.
  • Vendor spots $10, free if you are an exhibitor. You must provide tables and chairs.